1. Family Bash

From the recording Clean My Room ©2020


been busted at a family bash
a family bash been busted at
been busted at a family bash 2x
we running low have you got cash
my cousins dealers got an extra bag of stash
but he's running low
if we want it we must go
got wasted at my grannies new pad
my grannies new pad, got waisted at
got wasted at my grannies new pad 2x
my cousin's dealer was a narc
he had them bad ass cops there waiting in the dark
now we sit in jail
and my damn grannie won't pay bail
we saw the judge
to plea our case
he said no, you got it wrong
the charge you have face
too many humans in a jam packed space
for 2 more weeks in quarantine
he's such a mess and we must share the same latrine
it's a sad routine
but we first in line for the new vaccine
let's throw another family bash
a family bash, another bash
lets throw another family bash 2x
Schalchlin / Gold ©2020