The Rebel Nerds

We're against the norm and refuse to conform. We don't fit in and who wants to when we can stand out.”

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The Rebel Nerds

Geek Melodic Rock - Now available on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

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Geek melodic rock, fast tempos & quirky lyrics

Their heroes: Gorillas, Nada Surf, Talkiing heads, Pixies, Madness, Elvis Costello, Barenaked Ladies, Weezer, OK GO, Beck

Gavin Gold (guitar and vocals) from Cape Town, South Africa met Jake Adams (bass and backing vocals) from Boston, USA at a Brooklyn music venue. Both musicians recently moved to New York City to broaden their horizons and to explore the vibrant music scene. They decided to meet up for a jam and things just fell into place. They performed their first gig less than a week later which went down like a storm. Hence “The Rebel Nerds” was born.

Josh Breslauer (Drums) from Brooklyn NYC then joined the band and with the  combination of strong vocals and harmonies, quirky tunes, and a rocking beat, the sky is the limit!!  

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