Switchtalk ©2014

Gavin Gold

From a lengthy era of peace, love, LSD, miniskirts, long hair and platform shoes the world was ready for a change. The raw sound of the Sex pistols and The Clash quickly transformed the hippie into the angst skinhead. The 80’s decade became an eclectic decade of fashion and music and it was then that Switchtalk was born. In the 1980’s the South African music industry was generally signing pretty boy bands and girls with big........ hair. Like most bands of that time Switchtalk hit a dead end and only lasted about a year. The members went their separate ways and had minimal contact over the years. In July of 2013, 29 years later the original members connected on social media which led to a crazy decision of a Switchtalk reunion gig. With very short notice a gig at the Mercury Lounge was booked. The band enjoyed it so much that they decided to play more gigs. They also returned to the recording studio where they bashed out a couple of fresh tunes. “These tempos are so fast, I wonder if I can keep up” says Greg Schoeman “I felt 21 again even if it was for a short while” says Gavin Gold “What were we thinking!” says Marius Geyer “I wanna be a part of this vibe” says Gary Hendricks “I had so much fun” says Benita Sher.

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